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Water purification system with cooling and heating (Water cooler)!

Dear friends,
As you know, clean and healthy water is the basis of our good health.

Unfortunately today both groundwater (rivers – lakes) and underground water are home to hundreds of dangerous chemical pollutants.

We all now understand that with so many insecticides, fertilizers, industrial waste, landfills, asbestos fibers, lead, chlorine, etc. man polluted all his water.

Unfortunately, this polluted water creates most of the major diseases, such as heart disease, epilepsy, kidney disease and many, many others that significantly degrade our lives.

Some people tried to solve their problem by drinking bottled water.

But did they solve their problem?

No, because according to experts, bottled water is no different from tap water and often due to its stagnation and poor transport becomes of poorer quality. According to the instructions it must be transported and stored at temperatures below18o C). In addition, its purchase cost is quite high.

Camelot International Health Organization studied the problem in depth and after long-term research built in America the only state-of-the-art Imperial Maximum water purification system with 0.1 Micron membranes, which solved the problem of clean healthy water once and for all for millions of families all over the world.

Today it is again pleased to announce that it has created the new Columbia Master® product that solves the problem of clean healthy water for businesses, offices, schools, kindergartens, universities, tuition centers, factories, hairdressers, airports, hospitals, clinics, offices of doctors, dental clinics, pharmacies, shops of all kinds, merchant and warships, submarines, pleasure boats and generally everything that people work or frequent.

The Columbia Master® system solves the problem of clean, healthy water for both cold water up to 7o C and hot water up to95o C, to make instant coffee, tea, instant soups or any other use we wish.

Having the Columbia Master®system, which is unique, we do not need to buy bottles, we use running tap water which is filtered with the most modern special filters and 0.1 Micron membranes, giving us the proven cleanest healthy water. With membranes of 0.1 Micron and with the most advanced special filters to drink the cleanest and healthiest water carefree.

All internal buckets, resistors, etc. are made of stainless steel so that our water is definitely clean and healthy and in the future to avoid any contamination by heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, etc.

Unique technology to remove from the water anything dangerous there is, either chemical contaminant or pathogenic microorganism.

Why get Columbia Master®?

For the following reasons:

  • To have the cleanest and healthiest water guaranteed.
  • Because all internal buckets, resistors are made of stainless steel.
  • To save at least 2/3 of the money you pay if you use another hot or cold water bottle machine.
  • Better Service.
  • A fourth key reason is that the small annual expense you will have will be deducted 100% as an expense from your business.
  • The guarantee of the Camelot International Health Organization. The guarantee enjoyed by millions of people in all countries of the earth.

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